Mhairi Black condemns Tory “Austerity Max”

Tory manifesto policies exposed as continued cuts and no investment

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has confirmed that the Tories are planning five more years of “austerity max” with continued cuts to public sector spending, and more cruel cuts to welfare.

The IFS also confirm that the attack on winter fuel allowance will have little impact on public finances – making it wholly unnecessary.

Mhairi Black, SNP Candidate for Paisley and Renfrewshire South said:

“The Tories and Labour need to be honest with the voters.  The Tories are planning 5 more years of austerity max cutting public services to the bone, hurting household budgets and now attacking the incomes of pensioners.

“The choice in this election is between a Tory party obsessed with unnecessary ideologically driven austerity or the SNP’s sensible proposals to end unnecessary cuts and invest in our public services.

“Tory plans for a dementia tax, scrapping free school meals and cutting the winter fuel allowance do nothing for the public finances and simply spread their devastating cuts to children and pensioners.

“There are over 33,000 pensioners in Renfrewshire who are all at real risk from these policies including scrapping the triple lock, which has ensured pensions are always protected and are always increasing.

“Meanwhile Labour’s tax plans are pie in the sky and fail completely to stop any of the Tories benefit cuts that are hurting so many low income families.

“For the IFS to accuse both parties of failing to be honest with the voters is the hallmark of this election campaign.

“In Renfrewshire, it is only the SNP that can stop the Tories and it is clear that it is only the SNP that will promote fair, progressive policies that end austerity and protect households.

“Now more than ever it is vital that we have strong SNP voices in Westminster to stop the Tory cuts.”

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